Training DVD: $55 (may be used to train as many facilitators as desired)

Starter set: $75 (DVD-guide-and-journal)

Mentors' Guidebook: $25

Girls’ Journals: $12

*Each piece may be purchased separately, however, as the Mentors’ Guide does not contain all of the skits and self-leadership challenges, it is important to have both the guide and a journal to gain a full picture of the program and to lead a group.  

**Shipping not included 

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Gammagirls // Welcome to Gammagirls
Welcome to Gammagirls

Gammagirls is a program designed to engage teenagers in conversation with adult mentors about the real life issues that they face each day. 

Through group work and mentoring, Gammagirls seeks to help young women understand who God created them to be and to remain strong and focused in the midst of peer pressure. 


The Gammagirls’ curriculum provides tools and information to better equip teens for the challenges through which they must navigate on their way to adulthood.  Gammagirls provides a safe place to discuss the issues that are really on their minds.

It is an interactive, short-term mentoring program designed primarily for girls between the ages of 13 and 15, although it has been successfully used with a broader age group as well as with Gammamoms!