The People Behind the Program

In 2002 Gammagirls was an initiative of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre (CPCC).  These are the people who have brought Gammagirls to where it is now: 

CPCC and GLTA Executive Director: Wendy Lowe, BA  

Gammagirls Director: Jill Kulhawy, BN, who currently manages the production and distribution of the curriculum, and leads the Training Conferences. 

Co-creators of the Gammagirls curriculum: Geri Fitch, MA, MEd, Chartered Psychologist; Lynette Stokhuyzen; BKin, Carmen Wittmeier, MA 

Executive/overall editor:Karen Copithorne, MEd, MDiv

GammaMentors: those who have gone through the Gamma Leadership Facilitator Training.  To date we have over 1,000 trained GammaMentors.  These group facilitators are intent on raising awareness of the need to empower the girls of today. 

Active Mentors: trained GammaMentors who are currently leading a Gammagirls’ group.  We currently estimate that approximately 20 Gammagirls’ groups are being led at any given time.  Of the over 2,000 trained facilitators, approximately 100 will lead a group this year—an exciting increase from the six GammaMentors who facilitated the first Gammagirls’ course in 2002.   

GammaAlumni: the over 5000 girls who have graduated from the Gammagirls program since 2002.