What to Expect

Week 1: About Gammagirls 

In this introductory week, Gammagirls’ participants will meet their Mentors and each other.  They will begin to understand why the concept of Gammagirls is important, what a Gammagirl is, and how to become one. 

Week 2: The Art of Communication 

During this session, the girls will explore the importance of developing and practicing good communication skills. 

Week 3: Hidden Message: The Impact of the Media 

This week’s focus is on how to practice discernment in a society saturated by the media. 

Week 4: What I Like About Me: Positive Self-Image  

This session guides Gammagirls’ participants through the process of establishing a healthy, balanced perspective of themselves. 

Week 5: Silent Conversations: Understanding Your Inner Voice  I

n this session, the girls learn about the empowering benefits of managing their inner voices and setting appropriate boundaries. 

Week 6: Taking Action: Problem Solving and Assertiveness 

This week’s material discusses the significance of effectively confronting and resolving problems. 

Week 7: Sex, God, and You: Healthy Sexuality for Teens 

This session exposes the girls to the issues of sex and sexuality within the context of biblical purity, for which they were designed. 

Week 8: To Do or Not to Do: Managing Risk 

During this session, the girls will learn how to manage the risks associated with living and functioning in the world. 

Week 9: Big Problems, Little Problems: Being a Real Friend 

Throughout this week’s material, the Gammagirls will explore the complexities of choosing and nurturing healthy friendships. 

Week 10: Honoring your Dreams: Graduation Party! 

In this final session, the girls will be encouraged to recognize dreams and goals as necessary steps along the path to their futures.  This week also serves as the Gammagirls’ graduation celebration!