Running a Program

How to run a Gammagirls’ program in your own church/organization: 

  1. Get permission from your church or organization.  Some churches readily understand the importance of implementing a program like Gammagirls.  Others, however, need to be informed about the purpose and significance of a program such as this in the lives of the girls in their church or organization.  Mentors can receive the support needed to bring organizational leaders and pastors on side.  Brochures can be printed off HERE.  A webpage created specifically with the goal of informing youth pastors and other organizational leaders of the purpose and importance of this program can be accessed HERE.  
  2. Gather a group of six to twelve girls.  Advertise in your church/community.  The Gammagirls’ program is best suited for girls aged 13 to 15, but teens as old as 18 can also benefit.  To create the most productive discussion and community possible, strive to keep the age span between group members at no more than three years.  
  3. Purchase Girls’ Journals and other materials.  Girls’ Journals cost $12. We strongly recommend that you charge a program fee ($25 - 30 dollars)  If the girls (or their parents) are paying for the program, they are more likely to attend regularly and to perceive it as important.
* Many churches and organizations in the past have established “scholarships” to prevent girls from lower income families from being denied the Gammagirls’ experience.