Mentor FAQs

What is a GammaMentor?

A GammaMentor or group facilitator is a woman who has taken the Gamma Facilitators’ Training.  She can be any Christian woman interested in working with the young women of today. 

Who would make a good GammaMentor?

Effective Gammagirls’ Mentors are dynamic, motivated, experienced and comfortable with working with youth, and, most importantly, mature in their Christian faith.  It is also important that they enjoy this age group and are good communicators. Gammagirls are enthusiastic young teens who embrace positive role models in their lives; therefore, having the right leaders will serve to enhance the positive outcomes of this program. Note: These women need to be listeners.  Women who want to preach at the girls from their own past mistakes should be avoided. 

If I am running this program in my church, do the Mentors need to attend my church?

We definitely prefer and strongly recommend that Mentors be members of the church at which the Gammagirls’ group is held.  This is one of the reasons that we train women within your church and community instead of sending our own facilitators to simply run a program and then leave.  Facilitators of Gammagirls’ groups act as short-term mentors to help girls develop essential tools and realize their own potential.  While the official mentorship does not continue after the ten weeks, seeing their former Mentors at church every week following will be a reminder to the girls of what they have learned and, most importantly, a reminder that there are women in their lives who care about them. 

What does a Gammagirls’ group consist of?

Each group will contain between six and twelve girls and two Mentors.  Groups work best if the Mentors are from two different generations.  We suggest that one be a “mature” Mentor--that is, someone who has a lot of life experience, and, ideally, is married so that she can share those experiences.  The other is a young woman in her 20s.  She is closer in age to the girls so that she can better identify with them.  This balance creates a healthy dynamic, offering the Gammagirls both the wisdom that comes with maturity and the enthusiasm and appeal of youth.   

The group meets once every week for 10 weeks.  Each session is two hours long.

How can I advertise this information to my church? 

Promotional Posters and Brochures may be downloaded here:




Gammagirls // Welcome to Gammagirls
Welcome to Gammagirls

Gammagirls is a program designed to engage teenagers in conversation with adult mentors about the real life issues that they face each day. 

Through group work and mentoring, Gammagirls seeks to help young women understand who God created them to be and to remain strong and focused in the midst of peer pressure. 


The Gammagirls’ curriculum provides tools and information to better equip teens for the challenges through which they must navigate on their way to adulthood.  Gammagirls provides a safe place to discuss the issues that are really on their minds.

It is an interactive, short-term mentoring program designed primarily for girls between the ages of 13 and 15, although it has been successfully used with a broader age group as well as with Gammamoms!