What is Gammagirls?                                                                                         

Gammagirls is an interactive, short-term mentoring program designed primarily for girls between the ages of 13 and 15.  (However, it has been used, with great success, with girls as young as 12 and as old as 17.)  Through group work and mentoring, Gammagirls seeks to help young women understand who God created them to be and to remain strong and focused in the midst of peer pressure. 

Why is it relevant to me?                                                                                                

As a youth pastor or church/organization leader, you see men and women of all ages and with various needs move in and out of your church.  Although your church may offer multiple programs, Gammagirls is, as noted by Focus on the Family, the only one designed to holistically empower the young Christian women of this age group. 

What if we don’t have any high-risk/problem teens?                                  

Gammagirls was designed for the average Christian girl.  While high-risk and unchurched girls can still attend and benefit from the program, it not intended to be an intervention program.  Rather, Gammagirls is designed to guide and empower the girls in your congregation as they enter and navigate through the difficult teen years.

What impact can it have on my church?                                                                

Recent interviews with past and current facilitators show that in many church communities, Gammagirls’ graduates are more active in their churches.  Furthermore, the program’s unique multi-generational mentoring structure has led to more healthy interaction among different groups within the church--even after the program is over.  In short, Gammagirls has a wide impact that lasts longer than the program itself and affects more than just the girls in the program. 

What about the boys?                                                                                                   

There have been continuous requests for a program that would correlate with Gammagirls.  This possibility has been given considerable thought: the need is evident, considering the unique challenges currently facing this generation of boys.  In 2005, the Gamma Leadership Training Association (GLTA) was established in the hope that programs for young men, as well as women aged 18 to 25, could be created.  With an increasing growth and awareness of the program comes the opportunity to meet the needs of a wider audience.  If you are interested in assisting in the development of a boys’ program, please contact Jill at (403) 269-3112 (ext. 227) or by e-mail at info@gammagirls.org. 

Can Gammagirls be run as part of the Youth Program?                                         

Gammagirls can be, and has been, run as part of various youth programs.  The downside is that the program is most effective when the girls feel that they have chosen to participate.  When presented as “curriculum,” the program is often viewed as just another Sunday school program.  When done as part of a youth program, Gammagirls works best in a small group context.  A program for the boys of the youth group can be run at the same time using a Bible study or another program geared specifically to the needs of young men (which can be found at local Christian bookstores).  Or, for those with ambition, youth groups have successfully adapted and run 10-week programs for guys.  If you take this route, we’d love to see what you come up with! 

Overall, there are many ways Gammagirls can be run: as part of the youth group, as part of a youth small group session, as part of the morning Sunday School, or simply as a separate program run on a separate night (it still can—and ideally should be—advertised and sponsored by the youth group).